Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cat Bed

R man returns tonight from his conference in DC, and I say yay, big time, because I've missed him terribly much. I've also missed having my own bed. Saki, the adorable and evil cat, always sleeps with R man and while he's been out of town, it's become obvious that I am the back-up sleeping location. How can such a small cat take up so much bed real estate?

I am a very restless sleeper, it's one of the main reasons R man and I have separate rooms, that and the wholly ridiculous myth he maintains that I snore. While I'm sleeping quietly (AND NOT SNORING) I tend to toss and turn like a Black Flag mosh pit. I have woken up with the bed linens twisted completely sideways. Some people go into REM, I seem to enter a spin cycle. All this irritates both Saki and me; him because he just wants to lie there, goddamit, and me because I'm pinned down by a nine pound lump 'o cat.

We're both looking forward to having R man back where he belongs.


  1. Most people don't realize the importance of separate sleeping chambers is to maintaining a marriage. Here at last Miss J realizes the REAL reason Mr, J won't let her have a cat: the Janeys only got the dogs off the bed a few years ago... and cats care nothing for such rules.

    Enjoy R Man's return, Mr. P.

  2. ::cacklechoke:: I can relate. I wake up frequently with a cat laying on my hair. WTF?

  3. Nine pounds is nothing compared to the largess that is Emma. . .

    And tell Rman I say "welcome home!"

  4. that pic is just, well, adorable. There I said it..again. Can't help it.

  5. this pic is so cute. saki is one lucky cat...

  6. I miss stroking my pussy.I use to own a black and white one, clashed terribly with my decor so I gave it away to some lesbians.

  7. Awesome pic of R MAN and kit kat; hope all has returned to near normal with the R MAN's return.


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