Thursday, July 30, 2009

mrpeenee's Cameo Appearance

Why is mrpeenee sort of AWOL these days? Because the web filter where I work blocks me from my own damn blog. The nerve!

Thanks to everyone's comments on my Design Star rant below, especially since you all had the good sense to agree and point out how insightful I am. I went looking for more pictures of the humpy Dan, but struck out (obviously his porn career steams along under an alias) but I did find a picture of his aunt, Vickie, from her blog. Honest.I adore her. I think I may have to adopt her. Even though she got the Crazy Eye.

So I've finally replied in the comment section of Tachika Must Go, since I can only access this when I'm not at work. It brings into clear light how a blog is like a time machine: you write your comments in your present, but I read them from the past and reply thinking that my comments are the future, which is the past by the time you see them and now I'm dizzy.

I've asked houseboy Saluterius Boniface to bring me a wet cloth for my forehead.


  1. I can see where he got his rugged good looks from!

  2. These houseboy shots make me want to touch my special place.

  3. Hey, Peener, I put a little banner for your page over on Fabulon. I think it's quite appropriate, and hope you do, too!

  4. Keep searching for those Dan porn pics. Sweet Jebus! He's gorgeous!

  5. I'm a tad hesitant to imagine how house boy Saluterius managed to wet that cloth you hoped to apply to your brow.

    Well, Ok, I'm all too willing to imagine given the placement of the cloth in that picture.

  6. He salutes you with a bone in the face?


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