Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Design Star: Let Me Know When It's Over

Design Star. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it was three days ago, but I just now watched it because I was reading Sunday night and now, having seen it, I'm glad I didn't stop. The show is teetering terribly close to Must Skip TV.

In my previous posts about this, I may have been a teeny bit too focused on how irritating the late, unlamented Taschika was, how totally cute little tiny Nathan was (he's gone! How can that be? He was like a design elf) and speculating about how Dan might look in really tight thongs that I sort of overlooked the fact that none of these losers are any good at design. How did they get on this show? Except Dan and his tight thong, and lucky the talent guy who got to interview THAT. They suck. They all suck.

This show was kids room and none of the finished products looked better than the before pictures. In fact, that's what they all sort of looked like: the starting point for a before and after show. The shicksa who had the artsy little girl and stapled random fabric up on the wall. Why did she get to stay? Also, I think the tight thong may be cutting the blood off from Dan's head cause I can't imagine why else he would pick that dreadful red and green palette. Do you think he's color blind?

Loni and Antonio? BLAH BLAH BLAH .... You could walk into any IKEA and come out with a better finished product.

I think Jason's pink princess room, while not any great shakes, was the best one, and he got tossed. The hell? Still any of them could have gone home, they're all equally bad.

I miss Nathan. But to help us all through these difficult moments, a photo of Dan:My advice? Stick to your day job and your thong.


  1. I think this is partly the reason why I don’t watch “Design Game Shows”. None of the participants are ever any good! As an educated, NCIDQ certified and Florida licensed commercial/residential interior designer and space planning consultant, I pooh pooh the idea. That and you can’t make design into a quickly resolved game show challenge. It’s impossible. Unless you want cheap tacky Dollar Store resolutions in under an hour.

    I agree they are cute to look at but they aren’t inexperienced designer’s but rather inept spokes models.

  2. "Inept spokes models" is exactly the phraseology I've been seeking to round out my skill sets on paper.

    Besides look where that got Anna Nicole? I mean, besides the dead now thing...

    LOATHE Bobby Trendy though; please beat her down with a bat.

  3. Well... David from Season One was all that, & think Dan has pntential, if he will appear shirtless more often.


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