Friday, August 14, 2009

So, as soon as I win the lottery, my plan is to buy a vintage Palace trailer home and install it here at Chez Peenee. It would be an homage to my white trash roots. I could have it rolled into the side of the garage we don’t use, which would make it terribly convenient, but not much of a view, as fond as I am of the interior of our garage. Besides R Man’s father still owns the Electra convertible he bought in 1965, which I lust after and someday that beauty will need to live in our garage and then whence the Palace trailer?

I think a better idea (and this is where the lottery winnings come in) is to have one of them big-ass cranes come in and hoist it up over our house onto the side of the canyon behind us. Fabulous views and instant trailer park. I would then be able to decorate it to resemble my East Texas granny’s shack and I would go up there and brood, even though I'm not particularly good at brooding, but I think it's a skill I could probably develop. Especially if I spent all my lottery winnings getting some stupid trailer up in the backyard.

I would also invite the Nuzzo twins over. But they couldn’t stay, cause, you know, not enough room, and besides, those mix-n-match dew rags tell me those boys are trouble, just plain trouble.


  1. Would you be using the trailor as your sex den?

  2. Is there something wrong with me that I'd trade both of those Nuzzo twins for that car?

  3. Peenee you and I share in similar lottery schemes. I would also spend my winnings on enlarging my penis to proportions the world has not yet seen. One dollar a week buys such simple dreams.

  4. Mr. Peenee, would you crochet little doll head toilet paper covers?


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