Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Passed

Twas the night before Crixmus......and Urban Street Pirate dropped by.

The next day was a little something we like to call "Christmas." Maybe you've heard of it? While everyone else was snoring away at visions of sugar plums, I got up and made Spice Applesauce Muffins and then served them with tea in bed.Don't you wish you were married to me? Yeah, sometimes I wish I was married to me, too.

And then, PRESENTS:

Including the present that had been transported to the floor sometime during the night.No one is pointing any fingers, but I have my suspects.

Suspect A: j' accuse.

Gifties were a big hit. I got lavender argyles, hoo hoo.

Urban Street Pirate thought we had given him a stole. I considered explaining it was, in fact, a largish bath mat, but decided to leave him his sad little dreams.Besides, I think he looks good in it. If you see him out at the bars tonight, be sure to compliment on it.

I gave R Man a netsuke shelf. Saki dug it. Shades of old, prissy poofs in Tilling, we have turned into E.F. Benson's Georgie. Someone shoot me. Please.

I also found a totally cool picture frame at a consignment store,so I went out to Ocean Beach, shot some random pictures and blew one up for it as another R Man present. He likes, but then again, it's all about the frame.

In my post about the new color in the dining room, that sharp-eyed minx, Diane von Austinberg, demanded to know what we were putting in the living room where the astronaut picture had been. Zip it sister, I wanted to snap, it's a secret. Well, now the truth can be told. R Man's christmas present is up on the wall where the astronauts lived so happily for so long.And then Christmas was over. How was yours?


  1. Not sure which is the more beautiful, poetic picture...the ocean or the muffins in bed.


  2. Mr. Peenee is a fabulous Santa. It is all about that frame. Maybe next year you could have a beautiful portrait painted of yourself in shades of powder blue, salmon and gold. Like Joan Crawford.

    Merry Christmas

  3. Aha! It looks lovely above those chairs. And you all look lovely too . . . even ABE Saki.

  4. I want to have Christmas at Mr. P's house:
    Muffins in bed, vintage shelves, original art work in cool frames, socks!!!
    So much better than the lump of coal at Post Apocalyptic Bohemia.

  5. What a perfect day. Booze, food, presents, freinds, kitties, all in a tasteful home. You have the best life ever!

  6. Truly a most beautiful post.

    That's what I miss, the couple-thing, come Xmas morning.

  7. Y'all do not fit in that bed! It's teeeny!

  8. I gasped when I saw the photo of R Man as I thought that Christmas stocking was an amputated limb in bed with him.

  9. The photo of you and your socks has temporarily distracted me from your new hat photo.

  10. You need to move on from That Hat sweetie. Move on. I don't want to put together some kind of intervention for you.

  11. Next year I'm spending Xmas in SF. Your presents are awesome. Melbourne, Australia can bite me

  12. Dear Pee,
    Only discovered your blog a few months ago but it has become compulsory reading for me - I just love it. A British exile living in SF, I feel as if I have discovered a role model in you. Please keep it going - I look forward to each entry so much.


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