Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Paint

Ach, mein little pusses, we've finished repainting the dining room and it looks seriously fabulash. And by "we" I mean "Urban Street Pirate/Superagent Fred" because R Man absolutely refuses to allow me to handle a loaded paintbrush, ever since we attempted painting a fireplace in his old apartment 26 years ago. I gestured airily at something (probably explaining what a nitwit he is. I do that a lot) and wound up leaving a trail of semi-gloss drops across the rug and him since I was holding a brush at the time. Well, I was painting, wasn't I ? Of course I had a paintbrush in my hand. He can't remember where he left his glasses this morning, but he can still cling to a tiny little mistake from a quarter of a century ago.

Anyway, our salon before, at some long gone Thanksgiving, complete with turkey, beer and wine. Lots of wine.

and now

We also scored a new little cabinet and lamp for an awkward spot between two big windows that does quite well. The chest is lacquered over rice paper with the history of the Han dynasty printed on it and the lamp has little carved Jade panels set in it. Lovely.

I keep meaning to post this shot of a house out by the beach that I'm wild for. While the phrase "California beach" brings to mind blue skies and sun-kissed muscley surfer boys, the beach here is usually foggy and grey. Although there are surfer boys, thank heavens. So this little blast of garishly saturated color out there is always most welcome.

Gratuitous surfer boy.


  1. The new dining you room looks fabulous & Moderne/ Urbane.
    Who are the handsome men in the long time ago salon photo?

    My Husband also remembers tiny slights form 25+ years ago, but can't find the car keys this morning.

    I love that beach house!!! What area is that? It looks so CALIFORNIA. I lived on the Strand in Playa Del Rey in the early 1970s, while going to college in LA.

    Happy Holidaze to you & R Man, & hugs from Portland.

  2. Dammit, I want that chest! Where did you find it? And the astronauts looks GREAT there! What did you do to replace them in the blue room?

  3. Such a lovely color.

    One of those colors that makes everyone look good.

    Especially unattractive people.

  4. I love that painting above the buffet!

  5. I love it when you post pics of your pussy.

  6. Your interior shots make me long for a place of my own. I love your sense of color.

  7. FINALLY someone who doesn't wimp out with color! Bravo! Fabulously divoon!

  8. What a hot color! So bold...I love it!
    Thanks for the blog visit!


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