Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mrpeenee Goes Back to School

So there I was, last September, minding my own beeswax, when an acquaintance dragged me into the sordid arena of higher educationment. She's a professor at one of the local degree mills people go to when they can't get into real schools and she needed to scrape up several "community partners" for her classes to take on as projects. In this case "community partner" is apparently university talk for "victim."

Once again, as I have so often, I agreed because it was easier than saying no. As my love life goes, so goes my professional one. Supposedly the student group was putting together a marketing plan for an event I'm organizing. I guess I could have asked if they actually knew what a marketing plan was, but these things always become clear too late.

The day of reckoning rolled around, doesn't it always? I had to go their class to hear the presentation. It turned out to be amusing in its awfulness. I was a dreadful, dreadful student and even I could have done a better job of faking my way through an assignment I had given no attention to and was completely unprepared for.

Part of my role was to ask them follow up questions after the presentation, but I finally gave up and just laughed when their designated bullshitter struck out so spectacularly. Their sole idea was that we distribute flyers for our conference. Flyers. Like I'm running a bake sale.

MRPEENEE: "Where, exactly, am I supposed to hand out these flyers?"

MRBULLSHITTER "Uhm.... Neighborhoods."

God love him, he went down swinging, hollow as a drum.


  1. "As my love life goes, so goes my professional one."

    Because you're a whore?

  2. wait, I'm confused, whores are handing out flyers neighborhoods?
    I need to read that again, I wasn't paying attention...

  3. Yes Jason- apparently the "neighborhood" is the Vegas strip.

  4. Miss J is pretty sure she sees someone putting fliers out around her neighborhood... Oh, wait. No. Just a guy peeing on a telephone pole.


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