Friday, January 15, 2010

I am IM

Those of us of a certain age will remember, probably with a fond snicker, International Male, purveyor of the finest in rentboy sleazewear. IM came to my wandering thoughts tonight thanks to Infomaniac’s horrifying salute to middle age delusions here. Much like normadesmond’s comment, I initially thought MJ was implying the photo was actually of TJB . It seemed unlikely, but I’m easily convinced, so I was willing to go along with it, but I did think to myself, I thought, “Girl needs to ease up on them late night runs to Denny’s.”

Anyway, once my mental train had left the station steaming towards International Male, it was but a short Googe to discover that they have, like so many of us, faded lately. Their sad little web presence shows them to be pedaling the same schmata any other down-market Abercrombie and Fitch clone is. And by the way, when did straight boys start dressing like urban queers? Am I the only one concerned by this?

Poor International Male, to have lost its marketing focus just when everybody, straight, gay, questioning, lost, whatever, started dressing like pole dancers from the wrong side of West Hollywood.

International Male, circa 1984, their glory days:

Oh, wait, no it’s not, it’s Dolce Gabbana. My mistake. See what I mean?


  1. Christ! Just when I'm approaching an age where a gauze caftan would work wonders you share this sad news.

    Who didn't wank a bit here and there with the IM catalog back in the day? Now that I've revisited the site I'm pretty much liking what I see which probably means I'll be appearing on a pole near you real soon...

  2. I got an IM catalogue a few years ago and do you know some of the same photos were in it when I was in high school? Amazing.

  3. It's ALL the wrong side of West Hollywood.

    Just like Times Square, it has been shined into a PG facsimile of itself and 'presented' to an adoring, if somewhat confused tourist public.

    I do have fond memories of the large IM store that used to be on Santa Monica Blvd. I honestly don't think I ever went in, but I just liked the fact that it

    WV - pantie.

  4. It's OK...I still miss AFTER DARK magazine!

  5. I fondly remember working at the B. Dalton in my small, mostly Old Order Mennonite college town. Apparently were the only store that sold the International Male catalog and as this was way back in 1997 before everyone had the internet, that catalog was a Learning Experience for many a young gayling.

  6. Darling, this is the perfect opportunity to mention that you have your very own label at the Chateau. Well, it's shared with someone special...


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