Thursday, January 28, 2010

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You know people cross breed schnauzers with poodles just so they can refer to their poor dog as a Schnoodle. So, mein little Schnoodles, I admit it, I spread on the uber-nasty Kreativ Blogger award/meme like some affordable rentboy passing along crabs. I’m not proud of it, but I do think it turned up some interesting tidbits. For instance:

I should have guessed, but didn’t, that Miss Janey is one tough chick. With fierce hair. Do not cross her.

I was able to lure Askthecoolcookie out of retirement, which I’m delighted with because I find his blog terribly amusing and it has one of the best blog names (Doing Hard Time in Shaker Heights) I’ve run into.

Amy has refused to obey my commands. Foolish mortal. I forgive her because she sent me her mother-in-law’s recipe for tortillas and the most fabulous Mexican chicken soup known to man.

MJ is just bitter. Bitter, bitter, bitter. Plus she seems to have developed an obsession about my hat. One doesn't know whether to feel pity or disgust for the freak-on she has about it, but I'm pulling together a restraining order, just in case.

There is no one like Muscato, of course, for a note of glam.

Mostly, I was struck by the almost universal revulsion noted for the Kreativ Blogger logo. I have to agree, it is repulsive; in the words of MJ a “… dreadfully unattractive Holly-Hobbie-esque, Strawberry-Shortcake-ish logo….”

I wanted to see who might be responsible for this, and for inflicting the semi-word “Kreativ” on the world. Were they being ironic? Misguided? Just plain stupid? Since the rules of the meme required that you link back to whatever enemy had tagged you, I thought tracking back up stream to the originator would be easy. I ran aground about ten links back, because somebody didn’t follow the rules. Isn’t that always the way?

A quick Googe showed that this is an award that has been around the block. Page after page going back into the dim mists of 2008. It also showed that the logo has suffered in the intervening posts. One wonders how did this:

Turn into this:

And why?

The award has gone through whole communities of bloggers. I suppose that’s part of the charm of the internet. To me from a world of cineastes via TJB, but it’s also landed in universes of Ladies who write romance novels, or who turn paper towel rolls into art, or who refer to their spouse as “My Dear Husband.” Gay Buddhists. Healthful cooking. Blogs that are schmaltzy or grim or dull or, rarely, cool. It’s the internet, you know.

I never did figure out whose fault this was, but one of them did include this photo.

I suppose it makes the search worthwhile


  1. I haven't seen a color grouping like that logo since my Lilly Pulitzer/Palm Beach days.

    And speaking of things I'd wear poolside: that last pic is making my special place all tingle-bits.

  2. I had to deal with this meme & I did comment on the horror of the award itself. I was happy to do the answers, but I am shocked that booogers that I associate with have added this thing to their side bars. I loved your answers MR. P!

  3. If any of you require further proof that Peenee is evil and that his tagging is the work of the devil, click here.

  4. I demand a revision of this post! I obeyed orders! *salutes*

    That soup is the shiznit, innit?!

  5. Miss J wants him to give her a piggy back ride. She'll steer him with titty twistin'.

  6. well, everyone that I've read has such interesting answers.
    They make mine sound extra lame.

    Next meme I get, I'm just posting gratuitous beefcake. More interesting than anything I could answer.

  7. Amazing tits. Anime.


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