Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goin' to the Chapel

We went to a wonderful wedding on Saturday. Heterosexually speaking. Just because my queer brothers and sisters cannot join me in same sex wedded bliss does not mean I am boycotting boy-girl unions when good friends are jumping the broom, and that was just the case here.

It was a wonderful affair, you should have been there. The bride was lovely and her dress was the most beautiful one I've ever seen. It was held in a small Marin county town in a really swell little club, a sort of arts and crafts building surrounded by huge redwoods and charming grounds with very unstructured flower beds. Sometimes it really pays to live in northern California.

We got to hang with our good friends, including some from Arizona that we never to get to see enough (hey Brit!) The groom is a rocker drummer dude, so the music was odd, but amusing. When's the last time you heard Rush at a reception? Huh?

All in all, a good time was had by all, hilarity ensued, etc., etc....

Fun weddings. Just another reason to struggle for marriage equality. Although that reminds me, our tax guy told me last April that I had to pay more state taxes because R Man and I are married. Bastards.


  1. Rush? That's nice.

    But as far as I'm concerned, it's not a wedding unless they pin dollar bills to the happy couple...and there's a line dance to Clarence Carter's
    "(I be) Strokin'".
    Oh, and mini muffalettas.

  2. You both look fabu!

    And I don't do weddings if I can't dance to the Italian 'Tarantella.'

  3. I do not do the Chicken Dance. I have my standards.

    I do not pin currency on brides. I ask that they pin it on me.

    We do look pretty fabu, don't we?

  4. Aaw... look at the happy couple. So sweet!

    How Miss J just adores a wedding. She actually wishes she were there. Strangers? Doesn't matter. Last week, Miss J overheard a couple at the Huntington calling friends to announce their engagement. (What a romantic spot he chose to pop the question, btw.) Miss J offered her congrats & they asked her if she could take their picture- it made her whole day!

    Here's to the day marriage equality is a reality for everyone!

  5. The picture was taken after your plates were empty?! Come on, now!

    You did the macarena, didn't you? AND the lambada. ;-D

  6. Peenee, did you lead the Macarena?

    You both look wonderful. Its good to see a big smile - on anyone - these days.

  7. "AND the lambada. ;-D"

    Yes, like the movie of the same name: The Lambada...The Forbidden Dance.

    It says so, right here:

  8. You guys are so cute. Lovin the pink French cuff number the R man is wearing.

    You know it's considered poor taste to outshine the bride.

    Any AC/DC?

    How about Mott the Hoople?

  9. Did you get down to do the Oops Upside Your Head" Dance?


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