Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Got a Party in My Mouth

Dinner tonight was a festive salute to my white trash heritage. A friend had brought us tomatoes from her garden up in Napa, where it's actually hot enough to grow them, unlike here. Great big ones, as sweet and juicy as the buttocks that grace the header photo above. Naturally, I made tomato sandwiches, which are simply sliced tomatoes on white bread with salt, pepper, and mayo because that's the way my grannies made them. Deliciousness abounded.

But wait, there's more. This afternoon, R Man demanded a run to Popeye's for fried chicken so we had many delectable pieces left over. Well, many, until I got through with them. We haven't had Popeye's in four years, and then it was in the Houston airport. I had forgotten how tasty, tasty, tasty they are. Of course, I'll probably die tonight from excess grease and salt, but let it be known my last words were "It was worth it."


not chicken

Popeye's is a cultural icon in New Orleans where it originated and the offerings here are just no comparison to those bubbling out of the deep fat fryers of the mother ship. In New Orleans, I was one with my sisters who would disdainfully drive past the one on Carrolton in order to go to the one on Claiborne because everyone knew that one was better. No, these here cannot compare to those glories, but as I was tucking into my second thigh and reaching for another biscuit, I had to admit it was still pretty damn good.


  1. oh how I mourn for the lost Popeyes of the past.
    They're all the same now, even in Toronto.

    But you've mentioned my favorite food in all the world...a tomato sandwich, made exactly as your grannies did.

    I'm not even kidding.

  2. If you were here I would you give you one.

  3. Oh, Mr. P...Miss J could FAINT from happiness just thinking about tomato sammies and fried chicken. GAWD!

  4. thank you so much for the chicken-not chicken clarification. my god, what one learns when stopping by.


    (Although I haven't had it in years...)

    This year I've grown THE most delectable tomatoes. And cucumbers. And beans. Etc. Because I currently live at Green Acres.

  6. There's a Popeye's about five blocks south and one block west of here; it's next to a subway station and mostly Black but I stop in once or twice a year and play like I'm buying chicken thighs for my mammy. Plus I dig their coleslaw, extra sugar in it or something...

  7. Did you sop yo' biscuit like a good Texas raised boy?


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