Saturday, September 11, 2010

Roll 'em

Our DVD player is dead, or meditating, or sulking, or something. Whatever, it's not working right, occasionally denying a DVD is wedged in its little slot despite demonstrable evidence to the contrary. My theory is it's offended by my using this photo in the header here a few days ago.

Sometimes it plays, sometimes it won't, so now besides trying to find a movie R Man and I both are interested in (a difficult enough proposition,) I have to include the DVD player's sensibilities in the decision making process. "Animated? What, are you six years old? Do you want a pony for Christmas, too?"

Maybe it's feelings are hurt that I only watch porn on the computer. The petty jealousy of household appliances. I don't think I can stand it.


  1. Time for a system upgrade me thinks...take a moment of all the happy wanks its inspired and the many inventive porn titles its played.

  2. Our microwave is in an ongoing highschool girl-esque feud with the toaster oven.
    It's a nightmare trying to make breakfast in the morning.

  3. So, it was my Hubby's birthday & we were watching TV (we're old at heart) & I'm having ice cream for the fist time in months & the Pioneer big screen just goes dark and dies. And I knew it was the ice cream & making the darned thing play Billy Banks work out tapes.

  4. maybe it's simply reminding you that we've got a recession going on and it's time to do your part and buy, buy, buy.

    ours did.

  5. Are DVD players still relevant? Not being a bitch but doesn't Tivo provide shit on demand? I dunno cuz in my divorced state I don't have either and watch movies (and porn) via my computer.

  6. Perhaps it enjoys having its little slot wedged.

  7. Insolence from appliances is very frustrating.

  8. Go have a good long look at the coffee maker. There's your culprit.


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