Friday, November 5, 2010

In Which mpreenee Wuthers

I started out watching Marianne Faithful videos on youtube, drifted into the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (it made sense at the time,) was struck by their song Wuthering Heights, decided I needed to look it up on Wikipedia because I couldn't remember the name of Heathcliff's son, and now sit here, stunned by the inherent weirdness of it that I didn't even remember.

I do remember I liked the stilted quality of the writing, but until I plowed through a synopsis of the plot, I had no appreciation for the byzantine quality of all the zig zags, double backs, and parallel tracks meandering through it. I think it unfolds so slowly, maybe I just didn't notice its remarkable similarity to the plot devices of something like The Young and the Restless, sort of like Dynasty on the moors. It has everything but evil twins and alien abductions. Possibly they were edited out.

And wasn't Little Miss Olivier a pretty thing when he was young?


  1. Oh yes, I used to (ok, still kind of do, even if he is a corpse) have a crush on Sir Larry.

  2. Oh, the antics of the old-school we-can-never-be together types... the pulling of hair, the gnashing of teeth... Who can keep up with it all?

  3. I had a bizarre dream last night in which you were trying to inject a hypodermic needle into my buttocks.

  4. Oh heavens my, yes he was.

    Also with MJ.

  5. I played Marianne Faithful's "Why'dya Do What You Did" non-stop the entire first year after I left my EX cuz I wanted to remember the reason I left him...


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