Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Blogger Stuff

Dear old Alex, author/ess of Café Muscato, wandered off (again!) months ago (and by the way, what could the old thing be up to? He dropped such mysterious hints when he returned it seems possible he's turning tricks for the CIA in drag and too busy to blog.) I still occasionally drop by his blog, just to see if the prodigal has returned. I know, it's sad, sad little life I lead. Suck it.

Two things strike me:

The first is just like last time he vanished, he has left up as his last post a photo of a former Hollywood queen. This time it was Myrna Loy, before, Lauren Bacall. Each time I drift by, their mug shots seem more ominous. Lauren got creepier and creepier, as if she were planning on eating my soul for a snack. Myrna just looks crazy. And mean. I would hesitate to be alone in an elevator with her and her cane.

The other is that even after being moribund for months, Alex is still generating more comments than most of us up and running bloggers. Not only is he getting smarmy pleas to exchange links, he's also got some lunatic railing about his writing style. I always thought Alex's writing was perfectly charming, why this guy feels like flaming him is beyond me. Why he feels the need to flame a dead blog is even harder to fathom. It's like holding a grudge against Ralph Nader. Move on.

Also, in regard to my post below about clicking through the "Next Blog" option above, am I the only one who finds myself in some endless trail of overweight Christian ladies with kids whose names sound like they are straight out of the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. ? Am I?


  1. I commend you on your bravery.

    I decided long ago not to comment on the wayward and vanished, fearing that uttering their names would bring certain demise.

    I have kept the hushed names (Donnie 2.0, The Pansy Bastard, Misster Kitty, and Emcity Chris of My 2 Cents) of some of my favourite bloggers on my lips in hopes of their gentle

  2. Could he and Thom be up to some mischief together?

    I miss the good old days of "Peenee and Muscato."

  3. Frankly I think that photo of Myrna might be just an ad for his CIA drag hooking.
    That's what I think...that's why it pays to look evil in it. That's what gets the hits.

    Now as for Blogger. You are completely right. That's exactly what I was thinking too. It seems to be one endless cicle of Christian-ladies- putting-up-Chex-Mix-in-the-Freezer-and-Constantly-Breeding. Scarier than Myrna and Lauren combined.

  4. Ok, a.) I never knew his name is Alex (the things I learn here!) and I'm glad you brought this second vanishing act up. I too drop in regularly only to find Myra, leering and mocking me. At least Thom gives one a heads up when he goes missing. A person would just like to know that everything is ok, ya know?

    b.) My foray into 'next'-ville got me one of those Constant Breeder Christian housewives that Jason mentioned. Mine was also a crafter. Something about sea shells (and all the wonderful things you can make with em), praying and 'adventures' with the three 'little ones'. Please don't ever ask me to do that again, I've had to watch "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf" twice just to recover.

    WV- alitabs. Ali McGraw in tablet form.

  5. The Pansy Bastard! One of my faves. Damn.

    And "crafting" is something they all have in common, but which I forgot to include. I would hope that it implies satanic rituals, but I'm pretty sure the seashell theory is closer to the mark.

  6. You know what?

    I could say that I’ve purposely neglected my blog for a week in hopes that someone will come along with this remark, “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?”


    I expect that all of you good people know very well that I’ve been out Halloween Whoring.

    Or you really just don’t care!

    Also I’ve been terribly busy downloading vintage Bruno porn, here and doing a little detective work found out what he looks like today, here.

    I’ll be back with more tacky posts as soon as I recover and think shit up.

    P.S. Does anyone really believe that Thombeau is gone for good?

    I didn’t think so. Would somebody gainfully employ his ass already to just sit around making fabulous...

    Miss him.

    By the way I found this lovely poem from “Stories n' stuff from Lymelight ( David Ruffle )” when I hit next button;


    Since I left
    Where you are
    I have made a lover of the sea.

    And on the shore
    I dance
    Back and forth
    As the waves caress my feet.

    I open my embrace
    To the swelling tide
    As the mighty waters
    Move through my soul
    Like a lover


    Back and forth
    With the gentle rhythm of the waves
    I dance.

  7. I was going to start a blog, but it seemed like many others did it better & I'd better stick to making decoupage soaps. Actually, by the time I downloaded a clown face & tried writing about The Sudden Health Problems Affecting my Family, I would have gone to "Next." I miss Thom and Muscato, though---they were fun and had great style.


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