Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dreams of the mrpeenee

Way and away, the most amusing side effect of my HIV drugs are the vivid dreams I have. A few nights ago, I dreamt I was motoring along in an ancient Firebird I really did have in college. Somehow the street turned into the lobby of a large bland hotel. Not that I accidentally drove into the lobby; rather, the route of the street went through it. At least traffic wasn't bad.

I was pulling past the front desk and looked over in the passenger seat and realized I had Mario Lopez with me.

In that way that knowledge comes to you in dreams, I knew it wasn't really Mario, or not just Mario, but rather an android who looked like him and was created for various sexual usage. That's right, I had snagged a genuine Mario Lopez Sex Toy ButtBot TM .

Irritatingly enough, he was naked because I had forgotten to pick up his outfit when I got him. Arrgh, going back to the showroom, hassling with the salesman, trying to find the receipt, not to mention the bar code. How annoying.

On the positive side, in my dream, he would quite obviously need an extra large. Navy would be fine.


  1. Yes, navy suits him.
    But what the hell is going on with his abdomen???

  2. Can I get a Jake Gyllengilhooly sex doll in an extra large?


  3. Do they have a catalog?

  4. Mario Lopez appeared to me in a dream & dropped your name. Really.

  5. For reasons she cannot explain, what stands out most for Miss J is Mr. P's mention of the "bland hotel". So strange the things that come to use in dreams.

  6. a navy, or THE navy?
    Either way, it works for me.

  7. I would pay good money to watch Ricky Martin and Mario Lopez make man love. See if you can dream that up for me, Mr Peenee...

  8. ooh! the days of my youth...
    last night...
    in navy.

  9. Nytol washed down with a neat gin give me similar dreams. However, last night I dreamt I was breast feeding a pig.


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