Wednesday, December 1, 2010

mrpeenee Sweepstakes

Diane von Austinburg, god love her, blew back into town last week to support us through the trials of Thanksgiving. Believe me when I tell you we were giving plenty thanks for her, not the least was for her delicious butternut squash bread pudding.

Of course we hit the very best thrift stores.
Alas, we scored ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, except a pair of charming little saucers, one of which I promptly broke.

We did unearth this bizarre oddity.

Diane has urged me to throw it into a competition here. The best guess what it might be wins. The prize: I will personally go back to Thrift Town and if it's still there (chances seem good,) I'll snap it up and send it to the winner.

Hoo Hoo.

Second place will win houseboy Vantius Olivier.
To save time I have already declared myself as second place winner. Thank you.


  1. A ceramic, beribboned wiener sheath is never out of fashion. You of all people should know that.

  2. It appears to be some sort of vessel in the crudely-constructed form of a strapless evening gown with ribbon sash -- the product of an awkward gayling's high school ceramics project?

  3. It's clearly a cache pot.
    You know, for your cache and your pot.

  4. Jimmy Durante's nose?

    *notes that whatever it is, it matches Peenee's skin tone*

  5. Sorry to hear you broke one of the saucers, but I'm sure the houseboy is consoling you. And I give thanks for you and R-man every day of my life!

  6. And I think Thombeau wins, btw.

  7. As Friends of Peenee (FOP) we're ALL winners here!

  8. YOU FOUND Big Foot's PENIS!!!

    PS - that houseboy can bang me in the middle of broad daylight in Chinatown any day of the week. I won't care one bit...

  9. it is a pocket sconce.
    fabricated lovingly by a charming pubescent boy who adores his mother and flowers..
    made in his junior high school art class, he received an A+, and got big wet kisses on both cheeks from his art teacher...
    i could go on -

    my freshly dried blue hydrangeas would look spectacular caressed by such a vessel, hung on my front door, with caucasian penile pride...


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