Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanks Were Given

Thanksgiving, yes, it actually can be amusing, especially if you cut out all the family drama and sneak off to the beauties of Big Sur instead.

Food was terribly tasty. Nom nom, in fact.

We went hiking along a trail I remembered from years ago as both easy and charming, wandering back and forth along a small creek up to some waterfalls. But when we got to the start, the path made a sharp left and then veered up a steep ravine. After we had slogged there and back, I read the park's brochure and found out the old trail had been the victim of a big fire down there in 2008 and they rerouted it so the old one could recuperate. Burned, schmurned, I say. The end was the only good part.

But then, we went to the beach a couple of times cause, you know, it's California and stuff. Man, was that ever worth it.
Balmy, sunny weather down amongst the gorgeous rock formations and a few notably cute boys just to make things interesting.

Also, we played Yahtzee every night, including the evening where I hit 7 (SEVEN) yahtzees in four hands and still only won one of them. I had obviously fallen in with a rough crowd. Dice sharks.
I know this is not what Brian Eno playing a fast hand of Yahtzee actually looks like, but it is what I think he SHOULD look like.


  1. Brian Eno??? I thought it was David Byrne!

  2. How absolutely wonderful, old bean! And the last pic is indeed Eno-esque. YAHTZEE!

  3. Mistress MJ once got lost in Big Sur and made it out just before the flash flooding started.

    The Pacific coastline is something everyone should experience...but take a compass!

  4. Wonderful picture of you!
    When's your album coming out??

  5. I'm calling it "Miss Tann Ng Bedd Sings Songs Her Yahtzee Taught Her. Strike a Match." In stores for Christmas.

  6. Thanks for giving me some vicarious pleasure; it looks like it was a wonderful time. And thanks for not Boggling without me!

  7. And that picture of you is fantastic, btw!

  8. Is 'Yahtzee' a euphemism for an enthusiastic masturbatrix who gives it six nowt whilst playing fives on a fellow's peniculastical appendulation?

  9. It's a dice game, sweetie. Although I like your idea.


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