Monday, May 14, 2012

Blood Sport

Can there be any doubt that it is, indeed, a wonderful time to be alive?  HBO's series True Blood returns June 10.  I am a huge-ish fan, even though I am well aware of the show's flaws, especially the luridly bad Southern accents plopping out of the cast's mouths.  But you know what makes up for all that?

Alexander SkarsgÄrd's creamy, creamy creaminess

and Joe Manganiello's man titties.

Now word reaches us that Christopher Meloni, who apparently exists mainly to make me tingly all up in my bits, will be joining the cast.  I suppose the quota of hot guy pussy was just not up to Executive Producer Alan Bell's exacting standards.  To which I can only say, god love you, Alan Bell.


  1. am i surprised by your good taste? no.

    i'm wondering if christopher will demand to be full-frontal-fotographed. no doubt you recall how much he adored showing off while in "oz."

    1. I'm already making a novena precisely for that. Possibly a vampire shower scene.

  2. I've only ever seen it once. I have to confess that the plot was way too byzantine and convoluted for my little brain to comprehend.
    I prefer to watch an endless loop of Mr. Manganiello stripping.
    I'm a simple soul.

  3. could you ask christopher to call kabuki. please? it is important.

  4. I volunteer to apply sunscreen to Mr. Skarsgard. With one of my erogenous zone, 'natch.

  5. Step away from Meloni; he's mine.


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