Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brunch and More. Or Less.

How mortifying that my drink of choice is a Cascade Ice Pink Grapefruit flavored sparkling water with an Alka Seltzer thrown in, cause I am a Wild Man.  Just a regular panic, I tell ya.  It's sparkling!  It's grapefruit-y!  It makes me burp!  Sort of like a now,  happenin' Fresca.

How did Max Veneziano get in here?

Speaking of surveys, I have decided to create The Brunch Project since going out to brunch seems to be the highpoint of my week (which also raises the question "Is it really 'brunch' if it lasts eight hours and includes three bars and two restaurants?'  To which I can only reply "Fuck yeah.")

The Brunch Project will report back about these bacchanals with details on where we went, what we ate, which drinks were the tastiest, who was the cutest queers spotted and any police action involved.  But impertinent monkeys that you are, I am sure mrpeenee readers will want more, so here's the deal.  You send me the questions you want us to include on the Project Report and I'll be sure to use them in the survey which brunch participants will be asked to complete.


  1. "beefcake, brunch, drinking, muscle pussy, porn"

    These may be the 6 most beautiful words in the English language

  2. Well... imagine if Max Veneziano showed up on the brunch plate. It wouldn't have stood a chance...... And I agree with Jason, my word all day tommorrow will be muscle pussy. Love it

  3. 1. "What's the nastiest sexual experience you've ever had."

    2. "Do you have any hobbies or proclivities that you might be embarrassed to share."

    3. "Hygiene? How important is that to you?"

    4. "What are your opinions concerning public displays of affection, gay, straight or otherwise?"

    Also is there a chance that someone in the Brunch Project has slept with porn star Angelo Marconi? Perhaps he should visit Mr. Peenee sometime soon.

  4. I think Max picked the lock with his prick.

    The brunch project questions I would like answered are:

    1. Basic demographics: Address, hours of operation, idea of price range on menu, reservations required or accepted, type of cuisine, etc.

    2. Was the food/beverage/experience combination good value for the money? I've experienced brunch at some out-of-the-way small town diners that was a better investment than stock in Microsoft. I've also had brunch at some high-end places that was no better than I could have had at McDonald's.

    3. How attractive were the waitstaff? Give values for the gay male/straight female population and, as best you can, values for the lesbian/straight male population.

    Finally, how is that grapefruit drink with a shot or two of vodka added? And don't tell me you didn't think of that. . .!

  5. I would like a full report on the restrooms of these fine establishments you frequent. Attendants? Glory holes? Etc.

  6. Question at the top of the brunch: "What is the least wise thing you ever done within six hours of departing a brunch?"

    Question for the end of the brunch: "Are you going to outdo yourself today?

    My own question: May others participate? We live in brunch central, and should the opportunity provide itself and the inventor agree, I'd like to add a "Brunch Project" post or two over at the Café...

    1. I think that a brilliant idea. We can pull together a joint blog like Hair Hall of Fame. Who's with us?

  7. You could call it "Bitches Who Brunch"

  8. You've dumped Refreshe???? My mind reels. . .

  9. kabuki wants to know who he has to fuck to get invited to one of these bruch debacles? you know palm springs can brunch it up.

    1. With all due respect, kabuki, be careful asking that question. The answer might be not who, but what, you have to fuck. There is a difference, known even to the hairier palms in those springs.

  10. You need to ask: "Have you ever tricked with your brunch parter, ro any member of your brunch party. If so, was it a filthfest, or just "meh".

    When brunch turns into trick event, that's when the fur flies.


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