Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I just love crossing things off my little OCD To Do list.

1) Get my creaky old Mac upgraded and all the bugs lurking around in its depths expunged so that watching porn wouldn't be so annoyingly slow.  I had planned to haul the old dear all the way down to a very inconvenient part of downtown where the very idea of parking is to be laughed at when I remembered Secret Agent Fred's boyfriend Duane works for Apple.   He knows all the kinds of tech stuff required and which is at the fingers of an ordinary 6 year old, but beyond mrpeenee.

We had a very amusing afternoon as he beat the computer into submission and then we went over to Fred's and rearranged his kitchen because we're all gay and stuff.  And now that my computer is blazing along, I realize how sluggish it's been and how resigned I had gotten to it.  No more, mutha.

2) Go see Dark Shadows.  Also with Secret Agent Fred.  I loved it, it looks great, so very Tim Burton-ish with lots of visual gags.  Michelle Pfeiffer is very tough bitch, which I love, especially when she parks herself at the top of some stairs with a shotgun anchored on her hip, blazing away.  Johnny Depp, of course, is wonderful.  I had worried after seeing the trailer that he would just be some halfassed cross between Captain Jack Black and the Michael Jackson imitation from Willy Wonka, but nope.  Interesting and funny and sexy, even under a couple of pounds of kabuki/dracula makeup.

3) Find a Christmas card, just to get ready.

Check, Check and Check.


  1. Ok, so you're totally making me want to see Dark Shadows now....oh, and get my Christmas decorations out.

  2. Christmas always seems to come early.
    And at $29.95 a month.

  3. You know, somebodies Nana made that afghan with love and her arthritic fingers.

  4. Friends With Computer Know How are worth their weight in hand jobs.

  5. Looks like ol' Frosty likes it up the ass...

    Oh, and hooray for your computer!

  6. Where can I get the pattern to knit my own Fleshjack cozy?

  7. thanks for the DS tip. so michelle pfeiffer will make me
    forget all about the drooling, long-in-the-tooth joan bennett?

    1. In a her own way, Michelle is absolutely tops here, but I a am also quite partial to the utter ridiculousness of Miss Bennett in Dark Shadows.

  8. Oh, dear. The things they make poor Mr. Rockway do. And yet he always seems so game. Talent will out, I suppose...

  9. oh I have some friends that would love that cock cozy he has!


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