Friday, August 31, 2012

Autumn-ish Song

Hurricanes wandering around, Labor Day Sales at various stores I wouldn't go to if they paid me, and this very autumnal looking picture of the dining room at Chez Peenee all to brace us for that summer-is-past frame of mind and get down to the business of fall.  Stephen over at Post Apocalyptic Bohemian put up a bunch of pictures of his chars so I thought I would, too.  Truth be told, the next couple of months in Northern California are when we get our warmest weather, so what I'm really bracing for is walking around barefoot.  Finally.


  1. Gah, this makes me homesick! Or home-away-from-homesick . . .

  2. The photo is very striking . . . and would have been just as striking yet so very different if the Evil and Adorable One had been napping on the chair!

    Enjoy the barefoot (and bare-anything-else) weather. Ready the guest suite for Ms. von Austinburg. I have a funny feeling she'll be there as soon as she hears the houseboys aren't wearing anything other than English Leather (or the 2012 cologne-du-jour)!

  3. Replies
    1. I blame that on you being in town.

    2. Oh, behave. We had drinks in a bar renowned for its elderly clientele, locally nicknamed the Glass Coffin. scotsyank's charming husband joined us, as did my friends Magda and Secret Agent Fred. It was all very demure, very amusing.


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