Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blood Wrap

 So perhaps you're wondering what happened on the last episode of True Blood for this year?

Alcide Herveaux is still God's gift to, oh, I don't know, everybody.

Better. Than. Porn.

Bill Compton went from being a prissy noble pussy to being dead.  Tragically he didn't stay that way.

Jason Stackhouse is a dick, but one I would eat on a cracker.

Also,  Alcide Heveaux.  Damn.

The End.


  1. I just want an hour on Joe's chest. That's all.

  2. brilliant wrap-up!

    i'm a bit sad that russell is gone,
    he was such a delightful pig.

  3. Your review almost makes me want to buy cable!

  4. Damn! I'd gotten out of the habit of watching TV, except for the reboot of an old favorite primetime soap and the occasional mindless afternoon of how-to shows or Discovery channel. I've got to see if I get HBO on this goofy Dish Network offspring my building supplies. . .

  5. Dick on a cracker. A delicacy.

  6. it is quite rare for kabuki to require a cold shower after a blog posting. job well done

  7. Can we have a marathon when I'm there? With lots of pausing.


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