Monday, August 13, 2012

Bitch Stole My Look

Checklist for a video that is guaranteed to be a super duper smash hit:

  • Break into Tina Turner's trailer, boost her wig, shoulder pads, heels and even her good brooch.
  • Lure a Sade wannabe out of turning tricks for the evening.
  • Snag the choreographer from some Michael Jackson video that never made it to MTV before he sobers up.
  • Convince the cinematographer from the last Flash Dance sequel that "What the hell" is a good enough reason to shoot your video.
  • "Borrow" the karoke machine from the 80's Jammin' Night at the airport bar.
  • Convince the guy who has the aeorbic studio next to the Yogurt Hut to let you use it as a set.
  • See if the pleather jackets are still on sale at the mall
  • Get a fan.

I actually remember people trying to dance like this, but then, I am terribly old.


  1. Replies
    1. And yet, we're both in better shape than Sylvester. That's comforting.

  2. this is so old, i believe sylly used a crank from a flivver to get started.

    1. I'm pretty sure someone was using crank somewhere there.

  3. Sylvester and Paula Abdul from a parallel universe. One without talent. It is a very sad place. Pia Zadora lives there

  4. Rest assured Alzheimer's hasn't set in yet, Mr. P. I kept waiting for Deney Terrio and the Solid Gold Dancers to appear. And was that Debbie Allen in the violet-blue bra that implied her knockers would be down to her knees without it?

  5. Get a fan.

    You’ve got me, Peenee.

  6. I'm just wondering who it could be, this "she" who is following our dear Sylvester "wherever he goes"?

    I'm guessing it's Patti Labelle...taking notes.
    That bitch.

  7. I must disagree that Sylvester and Paul Abdul have no talent. Pia....well, touché, Kabuki darling. LOL

    And Jason....the "she" is probably Aretha Franklin. Sylvester sang back-up on Pink Cadillac and a nasty rumor circulated that he snatched one of her hats. Personally I never believed it. Who needs a hat when you have THAT HAIR?


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