Friday, November 2, 2012

à choix multiple

Ask yourself: "Was this my Halloween?"

 A bowl of leftover candy because no little urchins showed up to extort Butterfingers and peanut M&Ms out of your unwilling grasp?

Or was it this:

Don't you wish it was?

Also, in loading the picture of the candy bowl, I stumbled across this little treat in our files.  Apparently it is one of R Man's old fans from back in the day.  R Man was very popular.


  1. As president of the R-man fan club yourself, I'm sure you should send him a.... packet or something, don't you?

  2. maybe if you'd had him in a bowl by the door instead of
    some old m&ms, the night would've gone in an entirely different direction.

  3. Damn, I literally was just thinking about how much I miss R-Man. I, of course, was a different sort of fan.

  4. He looks as if he may have a butteredfinger....

  5. Are you implying that Mr. Peenee's fans are not quite of the same level of hotness?? Or are you implying that Mr. Peenee is way overdue for his annual vision exam??

  6. I would never encourage denizens of the underworld to knock on my front door demanding a treat not to push a dog turd through the letterbox. Tell em to pissoff!


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