Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday Night at the Movies

As I mentioned, the New York Times groused that Liz and Dick was "not terrible enough," but I don't know what they were whining about, it seemed plenty awful to me.  Puh-lenty.  Diane von Austinburg kept asking what I had expected.  It was pretty much just as bad as I had been led to think, but that was what kept me cringing and moaning loudly throughout.

We debated who might have been better cast in the leads.  I was undecided between William Shatner and Courtney Love as Richard Burton, but absolutely convinced that Liz should have been Lypsynka.

Then we stumbled on a French silent movie that made no sense, possibly because we were all loaded by then, possibly because we missed the first hour and had to refer to all the characters by labels like "Baby Teeth" and "Crazy Wig".  There was a seance in the Magic Room where Crazy Wig's brother climbed under the table, apparently to orally satisfy the guests.  As you can imagine, the whole thing was a great improvement over Liz and Dick.


  1. Oh dear, I gave in and watched it too...thanks (?) to you for reminding me.
    Thank goodness I was not alone. It's best not to watch these things alone.

    What did poor Liz ever do to deserve this?

  2. might this mean that 'that lohan' waste of space will now go away?

    1. Like a bad Greek dinner, Lohan will keep coming back on you...

  3. Well, I for one, apparently the only one, think that it was the most brilliant and accurate portrayal of Liz Taylor ever created by Lifetime television!

    I feel certain that La Lohan will win a Golden Raspberry for this loving homage and I think her research into the role especially paid off as an older Liz of which we saw exactly 4 minutes. She also really nailed Liz's distinctive high pitched shrill voice and accent.

  4. It was no worse than some of Liz's stinker movies that followed after that Virginia Wolfe shriekfest. Seriously, I know we love her, but when was the last time anyone honestly said Hammersmith Is Out was a good movie?

  5. Oh,
    I missed it. I knew when it was coming on and I thought I would watch it, but at the last minute I decided to lance the boils on my doggie's ass....

    It was a nice evening.

  6. And our commentary was even wittier by the second movie, as we'd honed our skills on L&D.


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