Sunday, November 25, 2012

We Give Thanks for So Many Things

In case you missed it, Thursday was Thanksgiving.



Let's just move on, but not before offering up sincere and deep thanks to Diane von Austinburg (who blew in town just for the cooking) and Secret Agent Fred, both of whom were great help.

In more up-to-the-moment news, we are sharing in the general slavering over tonight's trainwreck that is the Liz and Dick movie starring Lindsay Lohan.  A great many reports confirm that it seems destined to challenge Plan 9 from Outer Space's long held title as the worst movie ever made.  The New York Time's review actually said that it wasn't "terrible enough."  That's right, they were complaining it was insufficiently crappy.  Wow.  That's just greedy.  Anyway, come 9:00 PM West Coast time, count on the inhabitants of Chez Peenee to be in our jim jams, thrilling to this epic.

Lifesaving bitches at attention in case the Virginia Woolfe scenes overcome mrpeenee.


  1. I can't contemplate how dreadful this "biopic" [how I hate that word!] might be...

    If Dame Elizabeth Taylor had been a drunk-driving, tax-avoiding, space-cadet with no talent, the part would have been perfect for Ms Lohan.


  2. I'm actually giddy with anticipation for this movie. I expect it to rival Mommie Dearest in terms of high camp. Perhaps the New York Times had the same expectations.

  3. You set a lovely table, not that that's a surprise.

    As for the movie, I keep thinking of stars of the old days who would drift down to Poverty Row as they faded - Kay Francis at Monogram Pictures, or Miss Crawford, reduced to Trog. Except that they had had real careers, once; Lohan, I think, is more like the child stars who disappeared into real-estate or used-car dealing, except that she appears to be unable to heed, or even hear, the exit music that's been playing these last few years...

  4. I am attending an organized get together for this epic. I'm bringing fake Chasen's chili.

  5. you're all better men than i, i simply can't imagine trying to watch.

    seems to me the fridge is a far superior storyboard to
    anything lifetime might care to construct.

  6. What's Thanksgiving without a turkey?
    I shall have to make a point of seeing it...or at least reading about it after the fact.


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