Friday, May 3, 2024

In Which We Indulge in One More Kitty Post


If I was a therapist, I would hand this out to my clients and charge them for it. 

OK, OK, OK, I promise I am not going to turn this into a cat blog, but Octavia is still a new experience for me and I want to share it.  If you are not a cat person, I'm sure this is tedious for you, but bear in mind there are naked guys at the end. 

So I got a new brush for Octavia.  It's very fancy and sturdy with a device built-in that pushes up the base from below the bristles and thus dislodges the cat hair tangled in them.  I am suspicious by nature and figured this was just a gimmick; amazingly, It works.  I'm digging it and, more importantly, so is Octavia.  She purrs and allows me to brush as much as I want to. 

Perhaps you remember my previous cat, the Evil and Adorable Saki. The evil element in his nature meant anytime you reached towards him, you stood a pretty good chance of withdrawing a mutilated and bloody hand. Saki liked being brushed right up to the point where he didn't at which time he would make you regret your choices, especially those involving brushes.  Unfortunately, that point was never apparent until too late.

Saki PTSD, that's what I deal with.  Octavia loves to be petted, but every time I'm stroking her and she moves her head, I flinch back, convinced I am about to be maimed.  I think it's understandable, I still have scars from Saki, but Octavia deserves better so I'm trying to get over my mental handicap. 

Anyway, I'm sorry for the excess kitty updates, I'll attempt to do better and next week hopefully I'll resume my regular blogging: whining about life and closely studying naked guys. 

Naked guys:

Hats on backwards and big dicks, it's a classic combo.

Naps.  Who doesn't love them?

The aptly named Alton Hunk.  Russian and meaty.

A good tanline is so flattering.

What lovely head on that dick, which is different than just a dickhead.

Once again, I start out looking at cock and wind up admiring the decorating.  That is a lovely turquoise on the wall there.

I miss my garden.

Again with the backward cap.  I mean, if you're insisting on giving a blowjob, OK.


  1. I don't come here for pussy...!


    PS "Mr Bamboo" (#1) and "Mr Turquoise Wall" (#6) please. Oh, sod it, I'll have 'em all.

    1. Come for the cock, stay for the decorating tips

  2. Mr. P., you wouldn't have Saki PTSD if you hadn't tried to use a Flowbee on him. Do NOT try to use one on Octavia unless you want another meowing meat grinder.

    Anonymous, too

    1. Octavia has turned out to be the diametric opposite of Saki.

  3. "I ain't a pussy-person. When people look at me, they don't think 'cat', they think 'dog'." Linda La Hughes

    1. I take back my apology; I am actually gleeful to be inflicting cat news on you non-kitty people.

    2. Mr P I hope I haven't given you the impression Re. the comment I made in your last post that I am some sort of crazed cat torturer, that goes around hurling cats from high rise flat windows for pleasure. God forbid! There is a slight kink in my nature which I like to think is mischievous, not evil. Lowering the line, hand over hand took forever I only relaxed the cord slightly because I was eager to get back to my drink. As a penance I will read all your cat stories, and not just skim over them like I usually do to get to the juicy man bits.

    3. A little known fact here is that I skim over writing these bits just to get to the juicy man bits.

  4. My friend Carol has Stuart, who she adores & makes it a point to ask me once a week if she's told me how much she loves Stuart. Stuart lays on her lap & cuddles, sometimes.

    The rest of the time Carol arrives at work and shows me the scratches & punctures Stuart inflicts. I wish I could have a cat, but it with the corgis it would never work. And there's also the problem of being attacked by the thing that's supposed to be the pet that really doesn't appeal.

    That Octavia is a pleasant & amiable creature only makes me very happy for you.

    1. I think if I were ever to throw over being a cat person, it would have to be for a corgi. But they would have to take themselves out for walkies cause I certainly am not going to.

  5. I'm glad to hear you're getting on so well with Octavia. I just hope she's not lulling you into a false sense of security...

    P.S. Goldfrapp wrote a song about #5's lovely head.
    (Gosh. He really is lovely!)


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