Tuesday, July 24, 2007

But who is mrpeenee?

I’m a nice guy, that’s who. I hide it successfully under a mask of brittle bitterness, but I would be happy to save orphan kittys and old ladies from burning buildings if I just weren’t so darn busy downloading porn and staring out the window. My long suffering lover, R Man, and I live in San Francisco where I work for the federal government making wildly inaccurate statements to the press and running the training program for entrepreneurs for the SBA here. I am occasionally surprised to realize how respectable I am.

I grew up in Texas, but never realized what white trash I am until I left. How was I supposed to know nice people didn’t put mayonnaise on their French fries?

I gotta go.


  1. You know, I remember sometime in August I discovered you, and I read every entry up to that point. I'm not certain I've missed one, even if I didn't comment. It makes me smile that I've kept up with your shenanigans so long. Reading your blog has always been time well spent.

    <3, K

  2. darlin' you are the absolute sweetest. You have made my day. I'm only doing this to amuse myself, to hear that someone else likes it is just the mayonnaise on my fries.

  3. Mayonnaise on fries is a virtue, nasty ketchep is the sin. Just ask the French, after all it's their fries...


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