Monday, July 30, 2007

Carry me back

The federal agency I work for scored dead last in a survey of employee satisfaction given by the Office of Personnel Management to 55 agencies. Management seemed amazed and sort of hurt. “What? We’ve been trying to do away with your jobs for the last decade and telling you that the field offices you work in are obsolete but still demanding the same amount of results and this is how you repay us?” Their answer was to pack up pretty much the entire agency work force and ship us off to Virginia to some bogus training. I leave for it today for a week. I’m glum. The classes seem to define “token effort.” There’s been no attempt to include us or even to let us know what the classes will be like. Just titles, like Customer Service, Something Management Overview, Blahblahblah and You. Certainly nothing appealing like Lap Dancers for Everybody. Plus the training facility would appear to be some cross between a mediocre junior college and minimum security prison. Their web site gaily announces there is a bar, though (The Black Olive! Party!)

I gotta go.

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