Monday, August 7, 2023

In Which Research Pays Off

Pictures of naked men have fascinated me for decades.  It's not some recent freak that got my blog kicked off of WordPress (not that I'm bitter, but, you know, fuck them and their fucking knotted sphincters) but instead, a well-honed passion that has given me a connoisseur's insight into this niche.  Earlier this evening I was doing some smut research and I bumped into one of the most amazing revelations into the world of filthy pictures that I've ever been blessed with.

Here, this guy has driven my bits crazy for years, I never knew who he was, but his lovely sleepy-eyed expression and is even lovelier big fat meaty schlong (I don't think you could really call it anything else) have always seemed part of one of the most alluring pictures ever snapped.

Now, here is Nuno Branco, whom I've sort of been aware of for a while but who never particularly did much for me, it's probably that stupid Taxi Driver mohawk thing, until this evening when I saw a bunch of his pictures which included the one above of my anonymous beauty.

The models are, of course, one in the same; I'd recognize that cock in a blizzard, more specifically it's hard to argue with a tattoo when identifying a person of porn.  

And then, not an hour later, the same thing happened again.  What are the chances?

Here we have Ryan Daharsh.  I admire him pretty fervently, the only thing I hold against him is that he is so chintzy with the dic pics.

and here

Ah me.  You must admit there is an abundance of charm.  I was trawling the fields of naked mens in the hopes that dear Ryan had decided to let loose with more meat when I suddenly came across this listed as one of his earlier works:

Again, charming as all get out, but also it turns out to be a youth whom I have been smitten by since sometime in the 90s.  It all reminds me of that saying about if you sit outside in a cafe, all the world passes by; I suppose if you keep digging, all the naked mens in the world pass through your computer.

More naked mens:

That is both a lotta ink and a lotta meat.

That is some prime pussy.

Leighton Stultz and his hefty package.  

Davide Zongoli in all of his glory.

Kyle, but I forget his last name.  Look, I can't do all the research around here, OK?

Joel Evan Tye, who has gotten even better as he has gotten older.  Bastard.

Charlie Rawlins who apparently only carries body fat in his dick.  Bastard.

Speaking of before and after, here's Tom Chase, delightfully hairy these days, but he started out smooth as a baby geisha, also delightful, below:


  1. If you're going to have a hobby, then "porn research" is as good as any..! Jx

  2. I love those random revelations and penny-drop moments after years of not knowing. It's much the same with calligraphy porn.

    1. Such a tasteful and poetic comment. I imagine that with calligraphy porn wiping up the ink is less sticky.

  3. A "penny drop moment" is the perfect description of the phenomenon.

  4. You are on a real tear at the moment. Waving the red cape in front of Blogger church lady censors.

    1. I refuse to be intimidated. I grew up surrounded by church ladies and know giving them any slack is just asking for trouble

  5. Congratulations on finding examples of Photoshop forgery that were not Kirk/Spock porn!
    Anonymous, too

    1. I had such a crush on Captain Kirk when I was just a wee thing.

  6. Here!!! Here!!! For think schlongs, buttchops and chesticles!!!!!! And very rarely and very rarely does David Zongoli disappoint. He actually sent me one or two naughty DMs in my Twitter's. That boy has one thick cock cock. Yes and I agree I never seem to tire looking at a male nude body.

  7. Love this blog.amazing and funny like usually our Peeneaccc🤗🤗🤗

  8. There is something very 'Tom of Finland' about Mr. Deharsh (above and beyond the fact that he's ass-nekkid, I mean.)

  9. I'm thinking Tom of Finland-ish is always a good thing


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