Monday, June 9, 2008

Cube Life

I am now closing in on two weeks behind on a project at work. I keep expecting panic to set in and motivate me, but instead I sit around reading other blogs and listening to Erasure, practicing drag queen gestures.

"This time I won't end up another victim of luuuhuv."


  1. You need a job in which sitting around practicing drag queen gestures and listening to Erasure is a "project."

  2. A fabulous idea, I'll get right on it. Just as soon as I finish looking at these other blogs.

  3. Don't we ALL need that job?

    Miss Janey can scarely remember what her procrastination techniques were in The Time Before Blogs.

  4. I prefer Pet Shop Boys for my "project". ;)

  5. I even read the post yet, so taken was I with what I assume to SuperAgent Fred's faboo poster of you at Chow. . . . (I hope I got that right)


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