Friday, June 27, 2008

Showing My Pride

It's Gay Pride Weekend in San Francisco. Parades tonight (trannies), tomorrow evening (lesbians) and the big one on Sunday (everybody else) disrupting life all over town, but in a good way. Discos, sex clubs, solemn consciousness raising celebrations, and brunch, brunch, brunch. We never go to the parade or the gigantamundo celebration down by City Hall because, you know, ick, but to show my solidarity, I plan on staying home and watching Pride and Prejudice from Netflix. The Keira Knightley one.

Right on.


  1. We ain't even got no pride down here.
    Too hot to have pride.

  2. Pish. Come Southern Decadence and nobody's whining about it being too hot. Same thing, different parade.

  3. But wouldn't it be infinitely gayer to stick with the Greer Garson version? I mean, come on - Edna May Oliver!

  4. Oh hon, there are so many problems with that one, Miss Garson for one, and then they had to go and make everything so sweet. Plus I haven't seen this one yet.


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