Monday, October 13, 2008

Facial Tensions

I despise shaving. Who came up with the masochistic notion that scraping your face everyday was a good idea?

So why do some men lok sexy with a few days' stubble?

And some men at least look like they're trying to look sexy?

And I just look like I'm preparing to ask you for spare change? Le sigh. I have to go shave.


  1. I was just thinking the same thing today. And every day.

  2. I can only spare about... rummages in pocket... 75c. Sorry.

  3. Who?

    It had to be the Christians.

  4. Darling, do you use a pre-shave oil? It makes a WORLD of difference, will prevent nasty nicks, and helps to moisturize.

    1) Moisten your face with hot-to-warm water.

    2) Apply pre-shave oil, then your shaving cream or gel.

    3) Shave with the grain of your stubble.

    4) Rinse with warm water.

    5) Apply more pre-shave oil, then shaving cream or gel.

    6) LIGHTLY shave AGAINST the grain of your stubble.

    7) Rinse with warm water, then cold.

    You'll be baby smooth and nick- and irritation-free. All the better for Tree Man to caress.


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