Saturday, October 4, 2008

Diane von Austinberg

So the fabulous, fabulous Diane von Austinberg has ended her annual visit and returned home, something or the other about having a life in Texas. I don't know. I always love her trips here and look forward to them as a little child would Crixmas. For me to be sick and puny during most of it seems so unfair. She certainly did more than her share of making our big post-wedding bash a success. You have to admire any guest who's willing to cut up crudities and dish sotto voice about other, less savory invitees.

We usually spend her trips cooking together and working our way through our many favorite SF restaurants and shaking down the local thrift stores. While we were still able to cover the food front (Grand Pu Bah thai food! Foreign Cinema brunch! Pasta with rapini! Yay to all and more,) I just was not up to the musty thrills of second hand hunting and gathering. Thus, we only had one afternoon on Valencia Street, but Diane, the queen of Other People's Crap, still managed to score a lovely little tea pot for herself and the cutest 50's sugar bowl in existence for me.

Love her.

Mostly, she was here to stand up with us at our wedding and that meant a lot to me. Oh honey, thanks. See ya when the bluebonnets bloom.


  1. Well, I can tell she's completely fabulous, just by the blur.
    I'm hoping you're feeling better soon.

  2. I blush. And anticipate Fonda San Miguel and other culinary delights to come. Just don't know if I can wait that long to see you and R. . .

  3. One must love and adore forevs the BFFS who fly out for weddin's then stay for noshin's.


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