Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Married? Not So Fast, Buddy

I didn't expect to be so disappointed if Proposition 8 passed. Prop 8 is the California amendment which eliminated same-sex couples' right to marry, and it's passing right now by a tiny, tiny margin, but tiny, tiny margins are all it takes in a democracy. I thought that I had a hard-headed view about how very unlikely it was that the gays would achieve something so thrilling as this minor bit of equality, but I seem to have been swept up by my wedding and the general optimism. Living a life as an out gay man in San Francisco, I suppose I've gotten a skewed perspective that things have changed, that things are better. On one hand I know they are better: I have a sweet happy life with a wonderful man I love that I could not have imagined being mine when I first struggled out of the closet 25 years ago, and yet.... And yet, this reminds me that the morons who plagued me as a sissy in elementary school have not gone away. I suppose they never will.


  1. Mr. Peenee... Miss Janey is immensely distressed by this turn. It's hard to accept, especially given that in all likelihood, most of the people who voted yes for 8 are people, or the offspring of people who, at one time, faced similar dicrimination. Miss J hopes this battle is not settled.

    Yep there are still folks ahow would call you a sissy. But there are also MANY who would do their damnedest to stop them.

  2. Miss J is a wise woman.

    I'm so saddened by this happening (assuming it HAS happened; it still seems to be too close to call from what I'm reading). The fight goes on. It just a shame there has to be a fight. . .

  3. I am so bummed about this. My sympathy to you and your husband...

  4. You are still married in my eyes, and the eyes of anyone with an ounce of common sense, but I too am bummed at this outcome. The fight's not over yet!

  5. No one can take your marriage...or anyone's...away from you.
    this whole prop 8 is a bump on the inevitable road.

    (from a state which overwhelmingly voted for Palin et al...ahem)

  6. Ace & I are equally stunned and saddened that inequality continues into the twenty-first century. You and Rman will continue to be married for us, who live in a state where not only did they take away our right to marry, but then turned around and removed the ability for public organizations to provide health benefits to "domestic partners."
    Hugs from Windbreak Lane...DenDen

  7. Keep your chin up and remembere that the heart of your relationship remains and will only be strengthened by this. This will not pass quietly...

  8. im late to rely to this.

    but i am revolted. i am sick of hearing how far we have come that we have a black president. oooh we are so advanced! but then again, clearly...we are not.

    4 steps forward 3 steps back

  9. It's ludicrous that we're still fighting for/talking about this in 2008, but then, we had to wait this long for an African-American president -- and still have more than a few yahoos making insanely juvenille comments about such.

    But you ARE married, dammit, by all laws of common sense and (more important) love, so don't let the idiots get you down.

    (Oh, and keep those gifts!)

  10. This, too, shall pass. This law can't stand. It's unconstitutional. And stupid.


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