Friday, November 21, 2008

A World without Fabulon? Rats.

I’m so very, very sorry to hear about the looming demise of the blog Fabulon. Its creator, Thombeau, has always delivered the most astonishingly clever and charming collection of images, each one striking, or witty, or beautiful. But it was mixture of all the divergent styles that created something brilliant that was greater than the sum of their parts.

And what great parts. Thombeau’s tastes (or lack thereof) synched with mine, and all the rest of his fan base. He would come up with some mid-century interior in tones of pink, aqua, and rust and announce “I could live here’ and I would think “Not if I get there first, bitch.”

I think we all understand that so many posts every day that are that good is asking a tremendous lot from someone, but especially for free. I love it and appreciate all the hard work. Thanks sweetie. And now for a word from our sponsors. Shoes.


  1. i'm late to the party of fabulon...i'm so sad. i know i'm missing something very clever and witty from this blogger. my only hope is he will return sometime soon to his newest fan.....such humor is sorely needed. all the best to him.....

  2. With a little luck, and a lot of makeup, our dear Thombeau will embark on a Cher-like endless farewell tour to sate this glamour-starved populace!

  3. Thanks for praising Fabulon and Thombeau much more beautifully than I ever could.


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