Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nurse R Man

R Man's father is sick back on the East Coast, so R Man is flying back there on Thursday to offer succor and to help his older sister who is holding down the fort there now. R Man and I really don't like traveling without each other (despite my tendency towards vagueness, it turns out I'm much better at logistics. The rumor that I pin a note to his jacket when he leaves home alone, however, is just a big fat fib.) but this is one instance where I'm willing to offer long distance support. I adored R man's mother, but his father and I have a much more chilly relationship. Polite, but cool. I address him by his title, "Doctor," and he doesn't address me at all, if he can help it, which is ok by me. So, bon voyage to the R Man; if you're in the Baltimore airport this week and you bump into him, tell him I said "Hey."


  1. i find the post it notes work well...

  2. I hope he'll be all right.

    Is your R man a native Baltimorian?

  3. i was corrected by a friend before... its pronounced BAWLMER!

  4. Jason
    R Man's father was a doctor in the Navy and so he grew up moving around, his parents just wound up in Annapolis when the old man retired.

    I know, I know, they really do talk like that. Fortunately, it's not contagious.

  5. "Get wellishes" for the Doctor. May R Man travel safely and miss his Mister P a lot.


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