Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trim a Tree



during. I want it clearly understood, I did not pay David extra to take his shirt off. Honest.


  1. I’m tisking! Peenee if I lived in San Fran I would have cut that lil’ bitty tree down for you for free. Shirt off would have been your option. I also understand attraction and the concept of paying for it. No mess no fuss just shut up and cut.

  2. Well how very accommodating of him! And he posed while you took his pic too. What ever his sexual preferences, he knows which side his bread is buttered on! I like that in a shirtless man.

  3. Honey, just what exactly did you tell him you wanted that photo for? I suspect "our viewing pleasure" didn't come up. . .

  4. Looks like tree trimmer David has a fine ass on his, well, ass.

    But it looks, too, like he busted you out with the stealth photo ops...

  5. Looks like a prelude to a post-apocalyptic sexual encounter.

    No? Just me then?

  6. makes me want to lick the computer screen!!!


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