Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iggy "Shuffle Deck" Pop

I know this is not incredibly original, but I was struck once again by the incongruity of Iggy Pop shilling for a cruise line with “Lust for Life.” The Nursing Home of the Sea and Iggy Pop. Doesn’t that seem like it would have been a funny joke on Saturday Night Live at one time? And now, it’s just another commercial. Cause nothing says Lust for Life like fat children going down a water slide in the pool on the Lido deck.

No more beating my brains, indeed.


  1. The best use of "Lust for Life" was in Trainspotting. That actually made sense.

  2. I’m just not that interested in cruising at least not on the ocean. But I would be interested in an all Iggy Pop drug addled, trash the place kind of cruise ship excursion.

  3. Cute dirty pirates who don't sag and bag like Iggy (or me).

  4. What next?! Nina Hagen for Fiber ONE?

  5. Ms Hagen would be a FABULOUS fiber spokescreature. She would scare the poop out of you and then sing an aria about it.


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