Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sparkle Thombeau, Sparkle

Darlings, even here, in our quiet little burg by the sea, we have culture.  And I don’t mean the kind the nurse down at the clinic takes before you have to call all your recent “dates.”  No, no, I mean EVENTS that add a little glamour even to my own fabulous existence.

For instance:

6 PM - Meet & Greet Reception with Patty Duke

8 PM - Gala Main Event

Marc Huestis presents SPARKLE, PATTY, SPARKLE!

 A Gala Tribute to Academy Award® Winner Patty Duke Live In Person! 
Interviewed by Bruce Vilanch with Screening of the classic VALLEY OF THE DOLLS & Performances by Connie Champagne & Matthew Martin 

 Benefiting New Leaf Services, NAMI Walk/S.F. Bay Area, Mental Health Association of S.F.

 It'll be Patty Duke's time to shine as Marc Huestis presents SPARKLE, PATTY, SPARKLE! a gala tribute to Academy Award® Winning star Patty Duke. The screen legend will take center stage for a stellar live in-person interview with comic extraordinaire Bruce Vilanch. They'll discuss her amazing career including winning the Oscar for her remarkable portrayal of Helen Keller in the 1962 classic THE MIRACLE WORKER; playing the iconic Neely O'Hara in VALLEY OF THE DOLLS; writing 2 best selling books (Call Me Anna and A Brilliant Madness: Living With Manic Depression Illness); and her recent stage triumph as Madame Morrible in the smash hit S.F. production of WICKED (now running in an open ended engagement at the Orpheum Theatre.) 

They'll be fun a-plenty with an only in San Francisco screening of the classic VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, fabu career clip reels including rare chestnuts from THE PATTY DUKE SHOW, and sizzling send up performances by Connie Champagne as Neely O'Hara & Matthew Martin as Helen Lawson. It'll be a night to remember at San Francisco's historic Castro Theatre!

Can you believe it?  Miss Duke her very self taking the stage.  I mention this in particular because Thombeau, the old darling from Fabulon, and I occasionally address each other as Helen and Neely as a nod to our great love for Valley of the Dolls.  And now, Thombeau has announced a brief break from Fabulon.  I initially didn’t think much about it, just nodding when he muttered something about a gig, all the while thinking to myself “Rehab AGAIN?  Didn’t she just get back?  Must have some goddam frequent flyer thing going at Promises.”  But now I see the truth, the timing is just too coincidental.  Don’t you get it?  Connect the dots, sweetie.  “Thombeau” really is Patty Duke.

 This explains so much.  Maybe too much.


  1. Ah *all* makes sense now!

    Clearly he's "Cathy", however, since
    he's lived most everywhere,
    From Zanzibar to Barclay Square.

  2. And yet, a hot dog drives him insane.

  3. I'll be there just to hear Thom say, “I don’t have to live by stinkin’ rules set down for ordinary people. I licked booze, pills and the funny farm. I don’t need anybody or anything!”

    Naturally, I'll be wearing "Barely Pink" lipstick to the event.

  4. So Helen are you planning to snatch her wig? Be sure to take lots of booze and pills.

  5. Oh, how I wish I could be in California for this event! As for our darling Thombeau really being Patty Duke... well, That's OK, I already turned down the part you're playin'!

  6. Of course he is! It ALL makes sense now.

    And gdamn f'ing shit! IS Mr. P attending NeelyFest???

  7. Dammit, now I've had the theme song in my head all day. . .

  8. i'm sooooo jealous!!! i would love to be there! what fun!!! broad-way doesn't go for booze and dope.....

  9. I loves me some Susan hayward doing Judy Garland, with a little Patty Duke doing Judy Garland.


  10. peenee, i sent you a message on facebook!!! enjoy:-)

  11. OMG, I don't know how I missed this post. Oh, yeah, was busy rehearsing. Anyway, someone just alerted me to it, and all I have to say is BOOBIES! BOOBIES! BOOBIES!!! Nothing but boobies! Who needs 'em?!


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