Saturday, June 27, 2009

Puh-ride. Puh-leeze

Oh. Right. Gay Pride Weekend. It is, of course, impossible to overlook in San Francisco, but It fails to stir me. Sorry. A huge parade of every possible sub-group known to queerkind. S&M lesbian-supporting vegan gay members of a co-opertive bike repair store will probably have their own float tomorrow. And I say yay, right on, etc., but I plan on skipping it once again.

The first year we lived year, I got involved in the Pride Committee, editing their magazine/program and was so thoroughly appalled by their petty, small mindedness, I fled, never to return. The old saw about "the smaller the stakes, the more vicious the politics" applies to these warped queens with a vengeance. I got to be one of the flag bearers at the front of the parade, (in front of the Dykes in Bikes, bitch) but even that was not enough to change my mind. I don't need a parade to be proud, I live a life that would need a tattoo that read "FAG" on my forehead to be any more out.

Instead, I'm staying home listening to music and playing solitaire. Even my music is gay. Here's a partial rundown of what I've heard tonight:

"Homosapien" by Pansy Division
"But Not for Me" by Judy Garland
"Dirty Back Road" by the B-52s
"The Crying Game" by Boy George
"Dancing with Tears in My Eyes" by Ultravox
"This Time Baby" the classic disco hit by Jackie Moore as re-interpreted by Lulu
"Dancing Queen" by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
and, of course, numerous tunes by the Pet Shop Boys.

As Lucullis Trajen (below) remarked when he brought in a tray of petit fours, "It doesn't get any gayer."


  1. i know what you mean. i used to go to the parade here in chicago.been there done that. let the younger people have fun. now i sound like an old curmudgeon....

  2. Boy George is my secret boyfriend. Don't be jealous.

    I'm gonna send you linkage to a t shirt I got a few months ago.

  3. I don't think we have pride here.
    It's just too hot.

  4. *Ditto* What Jason said...I had pride back in March or April but now it’s too hot. I’m not gay, I’m miserable.

  5. Dirty Back Road is my favorite song by the B-52's. You got to wave a flag? Awesome! The last time I was at Pride I was working the booth for the gay tennis league I belonged to. I still want to go back one year if I can drag OC there...kicking and screaming, she'll be.

  6. Peenee, I am with you! Pride just finished in Toronto and instead of going to Parade I chose to volunteer at my volunteer job. (seen one gay parade seen them all) A few bones I have to pick are;
    1) Corporate sponsership of events etc. It seems that any bank,airline, accounting firm etc can hire a few buff models (not necessarily gay) put them in a speedo, stick a logo on the speedo and suddenly they are seen as supporting the gay community? puh-leeze. All they want is our money.

    2) Parade wise, it seems that anyone can put a float in the parade. If you have truck or a convertible, a few gay flags you can march.

    3) I am not against parades and pride as such, howver it just seems to be a big money making exercise for the various vendors and groups that see the closing of some streets as a cash cow.

    4) Let us celebrate our diversity and gayness by being proud everyday and bring awareness to issues like gay marriage etc (like in California)

    So I ahve had my rant!

  7. Ha! I hadn't logged in in a couple of days and was going to comment that obviously RMan wasn't home if you were listening to that selection of music. Then I scrolled down far enough to see the previous post. . .

  8. oh you are so smartypants smart.

  9. You KNOW those first six songs are among my favorites!

  10. Not smart; I just know you two too well.


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