Sunday, February 7, 2010


Darlings, our poor old couch has finally surrendered to gravity and just collapsed in the middle. It was a long struggle, but the death knell, she was rung. Since R Man's main past-time is lying on it, listening to Baroque music and thinking deep thoughts, talking him into a new one was actually easier than I expected. We sailed off to Room and Board this afternoon and in less than a half hour found our new baby:
Fabulous? Oh yes. Stylish? Totally. Long enough that I can stretch my 6'3" self out on it? Completely, utterly, Hooray for Hollywood YES. So long in fact that the store is sending some guys out first to measure our stairs and make sure they can get it in here.

Size Queens. What can you expect?

Also, speaking of size queens, and wondering if it’s too damn big, I stole this from Kevin, over at The Lisp.


  1. Oh, I am so happy for you! Really, I am!

  2. 6'3"?

    Is that with or without the hat?

  3. I love the single cushion style; I had a sofa with three cushions and all I did was continually plump them and search for loose change. Plus the single cushion is just so stylish/sleek.

    I learned the hard way: single seat cushion for me moving forward. I just wish my current sofa got enough action to merit a new one.

  4. Love! Love! Love!
    But that thing would swallow up my entire tiny apartment.

    Oh, the couch too.

  5. Gorgeous! Deeply jealous. One thing I can't stand about la vie expat is having to live in a furnished rental. Someday the Villa Muscato's pea-green living room suite and I are going to part ways, and that day can't come soon enough.

  6. OH! Miss J is SO jealous. Mr. P has taste with a capital T.

  7. I've always longed for a white couch but living with a Big Bear Man who spills way too much red wine negates so many design ideas.

    Enjoy your pristine purchase!

  8. Love Room & Board..

    I almost got the Loring, but the delivery was endless.. found similar style locally with 48 turnaround.

    Enjoy new sofa! Looks exceedinly nap worthy.


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