Monday, January 31, 2011

And a Fine Skarbakka to You, Too

I usually leave posting random art to Thombeau and TJB, mostly because they do a better job than me, but also because not doing so would leave less time for me to discuss me, and isn't that what this blog thing is all about? Thank you.

Nevetheless, I found this photo over at an odd Japanese blog called Rotted Peach. I don't know why I'm so taken with it, except for the obvious beauty of his ass, which is peach-like, but not rotten. The photo has the words "Kerry-Skarbakka" beneath it, but as my Japanese is non-existent, I can't tell if that's the photographer, the model, a sex act, or the brand of bathtub. I think I prefer not to know.


  1. You know I feel as though I have lost my blog blogidty blog blog blog blog. I have no zing. Blog zing if you know what I mean? I must be more aware of ME and the things going on around Me so I can share Me with YOU.

    Incidentally he’s gonna break a vertebrate bone when he hits that peach ass on that cast iron tub.

    April in New Orleans?


    I would love to have a Rhonda Vous with Jason and Mr. Peenee.

  2. Come on down, girl, we give plenty blogity blog.

  3. I see that Rotted Peach is also home to a passed-out Santa in his underwear.

  4. Those Japanees baths sure look slippery.

  5. @ MJ... That's the morning after the night before... trust me I know....

  6. Of course I've posted this before, but I'll be damned if I recall who the photographer is!


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