Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thank You, Infomaniac

The always charming Infomaniac posted a shot from Rocky Horror Picture Show which reminded me I hadn't seen it in ages, so I scurried over to Netflix and watched it. I wanted to make ammends to Saki for forcing him to sit through part of Riverworld.
He dug it.

I've always been most taken with Rocky, Peter Hinwood.

But I had forgotten how very humpalicious Barry Bostwick is, especially in a bustier.


  1. Snap!
    I've just hauled out the DVD and done the same thing.

  2. 'Let's do the time warp agaaaaaain...'

    That snap of Saki watching made me snort my morning coffee. Lurve it!

  3. The always charming Infomaniac

    Oh Peenee, you sweet-talker, you.

  4. An important film. In my house, anyway.

  5. Toucha, toucha, toucha, touch me....
    I wanna feel dirty...

  6. Weissssssssssss!

    I've never seen it without an audience full of lunatics. Myself included.

  7. Oh, and yeah, when I was a teenager I was always jealous of Tim Curry, I mean, he got to put his face right up into Barry's junk.
    That Bitch!

  8. Barry Bostwick is still pretty fine today, even out of bustier.

  9. it you notice,bostwick owned those high heels. i want to come again, and stay. smile and that will mean i may.

  10. I think I can recite this movie by memory, and I haven;t seen it since high school.
    Oh, wait, that was only 4 years ago. ;)

  11. Don't dream it. be it.


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