Sunday, January 23, 2011

Going On

People ask me "How are you doing sweetie?" and I say "OK." It's the truth. I miss R Man, sadness wells up like a bubble sometimes, but dissipates. I am not distraught or inconsolable. Victorian writers had a saying "Sorrow is a deep well...." Typical of them to speak to sorrow, but not happiness. I suppose they thought of cheerfulness more as an attractive puddle. I think the saying means you can never sate your grief, the more you allow yourself to be sad, the sadder you feel. I know that's true for me anyway. I mope, therefore I am mopey.

Fortunately, our friends have surged around offering comfort and joy, including all my blog brotherhood, so thank you all, thank you very much. Every single comment has been a bright spot in a dim time and I appreciate them.

Also, Diane von Austinburg has been visiting since Monday, charming as always, even though the thrift stores we've visited (strictly as a form of grief therapy) seem to be suffering from quality deprivation. I'm sure crack houses have better yard sales.

I'm trying to focus on not being morose and I've decided to take a substantially long break from work. My days so far consist of sleeping late, taking naps and going to bed early with HGTV marathons squeezed in between. It's OK with me.

Our cat Saki is very attentive and insists on sitting on a pillow on my lap while I'm at the computer. It's sort of sweet and annoying in equal parts, especially since he sometimes insists on making editorial comments in the form of biting me.


  1. But sometimes he just purrs and purrs . . .

  2. Saki tries to keep you awake. She misses R man too.

  3. Delurking to add my condolences for you and Saki. Glad to hear you have some real-time friends to help both of you get through this time of mourning.

    Hugs to both of you. Always remember the good times you had with R Man, for those memories are part of his legacy.

  4. Well, Saki and Diane are clearly both angels sent from heaven.

    Anyway, that's how I like to imagine heaven at least, full of witty gals, nippy cats and cheap thrift stores. Oh, and nippy humpy men too.

  5. I agree with sadness being a well, and the more you wallow in it the deeper you go, but, well, a little wallow, and a lot of sadness is sometimes impossible to avoid.
    But you have great friends, everywhere, and a great cat, to remind you that you are loved, have loved and will be loved.

  6. Sounds to me like you have a pretty good healing program going on...
    I am happy to know this.
    & I think Saki does want his own blog too!

  7. Friends, cats, and thrift shops are the same go-to plan that I've used in the toughest of times. Oh, plenty of fried foods.

    If I were only closer, I'd bring you fried chicken in Bauer pottery.

  8. Thinking of you, Mr. P. Glad you have support of friends and gorgeous, if sometimes annoying, Saki.

  9. feel free to bite the cat back. i know i would. if you find teak end-tables thrifting, grab kabuki a couple. love ya

  10. I know.

    I know that you know that we would do anything for you if you need it. Sometimes, two ears are the best that we can do. Because this all through blogging, you have my two eyes and understanding.



  11. everyone's a critic, including me, but not today.

  12. Allow me to repeat what Billy so eloquently said: xoxo

  13. Thinking of you.
    Keep writing... it helps.

  14. What’s with the crapy thrift store assortment lately? I’ve been in dire need of a fix. I look and look and find nothing but cheap plastic. Since when has cheap plastic tupperware risen to the lofty level of antique price taggery?

    Come on people I need a collectible of quality status.


  15. @AyeM8y: Thrift shop staff have seen one too many broadcasts of Antique Roadshow.

    They're also familiar with eBay and think think they can get more than they used to ask in the past.

    We're not seeing quality goods very often anymore in thrift shops because pickers are getting to the good stuff first. The guys on the trucks either have connections or are knowledgeable enough to take the best stuff off the truck before the staff sees it.


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