Tuesday, December 20, 2011

and Grace Jones in a Box

Happy Holidays! Here's hoping your 2012 is filled with love!! Peace on Earth. your pal, Pee-wee Herman

So I got my christmas card from dear friend Pee Wee. We were introduced at the Dinah Shore lesbian golf tourney mixer years ago. "Pee Wee, Peenee. Peenee, Peewee.

Anyway, it just served to remind me it's time for that annual highlight of Christas chestnuts, The Playhouse Christmas Special. You should at least watch the Marine Corps gogo Boy theme song. Go here


  1. wow, you get a card from PW?
    now i know i'm not worthy.

  2. This is a must-see every Christmas in the Infomaniac household!

    And from time to time throughout the rest of the year as well.

    Marine Corps go-go boys, Cher, Charo, Little Richard, Grace Jones, Zsa Zsa and SO MANY MORE!

    And Mistress MJ's faves...THE DEL RUBIO TRIPLETS!!!

  3. It is sort of a magical line-up, isn't it?

  4. Such activity lately! A plethora of posts from Peenee!

  5. very few things say 'christmas' to me more than Charo. And now, Mr. Peenee is inexspicably intertwined with my holdiay joy. Have a holly jolly holiday this year. kabuki loves you like candy


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