Friday, December 16, 2011

Infomaniac: Too Much Time and not Enough Midol

Fine, fine. I skip patrolling the interwebs one goddam day and that Canuck hag Infomaniac sneaks this in behind my back:

If You're Going to San Francisco

That tremor on the street that you're feeling may not be an earthquake.


Looks like Mr. Peenee's eaten one too many shortbread cookies during the festive season.

As I warned her just the other day, bitch continues to Ask For It.


  1. It happens to all of us Darling...
    Hot pink Cha ha's I mean...

  2. It's a look . . . for someone else.

  3. That is a fine figure of a man. And those shoes are killing me. Him. Oh.

  4. When I saw San Francisco in the bacground, you immediately came to mind. And when I saw the person in the foreground, I immediately came to mind.

  5. I'm staying out of this bitchfest....

    (It's too scary)


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