Friday, December 23, 2011

Isn't Christmas Over Yet?

I have not been happy the last couple of days. Yes, it's true. Turns out Christmas is a dreary time for the recently bereaved. I miss R Man, I miss him a lot. Just earlier this month I was struck by how much better I had been feeling and then Xmas, everywhere. Even porn sites are getting in the spirit.

But you know, I am not by nature a droopy, morose Goth-y sixteen year old and so I resist. Avoiding sad songs is crucial; anything written in a minor key is deadly. You know what helps? Punk and Rockabilly, my old faves.


  1. That ad looks suspiciously like a Sears Craftman ad.
    Maybe it is.

  2. You obviously have access to a different Sears catalogue than I do.

  3. I know what you mean....
    I think I'll put on some Clash & look at pictures of naked men....
    Thanks for the tip!

    (X xmas, I say).

  4. honey, that is one store that NEVER need put anything on sale. actually, i'd mark it up.

  5. Let me tell you darling.... if that arrived in my stocking.... I'd be all over Christmas too...

  6. The Sears catalogue was the closest to porn I could get while growing up... I'd tear out the page where they sold leather biker jackets and chaps....

    They don't have those leather jackets anymore...

    oh well, have a merry Christmas... whatever!

  7. I don't like New Year's Eve, makes me want to slit my own throat. Anyway, I wish you all the best.

  8. Christmas is a challenge for the best of us, but it will be over soon enough. Regardless, I wish you the very best. Did you get my card?

  9. Merry Christmas Mr Peenee...
    From both of us at "The Palais"

  10. Bah humbug. Whatever the hell that means . . .

  11. Merry Christmas P'Nee.

    It could be worse...I could live next door and come over all the time putting on skits trying to cheer you up and borrowing porn.

  12. i knew this would be a bad one for my beloved peenee. if it helps please feel free to shop for kabuki. kabuki can provide sizes upon request. also, play donna summer and throw yourself about the living room. it is exhausting and yet cathartic. love youuuu

  13. If THAT's 30% off, can you imagine the original!

    Happy everything dear Peenee. I just keep thinking how nice that there was such a wonder as RMan to now miss.

  14. They're all sad songs when you feel this way. I know. X


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