Friday, June 29, 2012

Also, I Predict a Conservative Asshole is Going to Say Something Homophobic TODAY.

The local Business Journal is reporting that a guy I used to work with has been busted for running a "Ponzi-like" scheme.  Modifying the word Ponzi is one of the least tip-toe-iest parts of this story.  I have never read coverage that used the word "alleged" so many times.  That in conjunction with my former colleague apparently not having been charged with anything and the details of the scheme being both byzantine and vague make me think they must not have anything solid on the guy.

What's interesting from the mrpeenee-universe centric point of view is my memory of my former boss always referring to this perp as "That little weasel." Makes her seem really insightful  and percipacious, but since she always called pretty much everybody a "little weasel" what it really shows is if you say something often enough, eventually you wind up right and then everybody is impressed with your acumen.  Weathermen and financial advisors rely on this all the time.

Random, unrelated and really fine booty, cause that's what everybody likes.


  1. You know what they say. Say a phrase or word enough times and you own it. Over use it, and you become it.

  2. Is that a byzantine ass? kabuki do love the byzantines, especially their jewelry and their behinds.

  3. christ almighty! how do people get butts like that?

  4. I have seen little weasels at the zoo, that I can guarantee they don't have asses like that! In fact, the wild asses at the zoo don't have asses like that!

    (Miss Janey, I'm thinking such asses result from a.) incredibly rare genetics; b.) a combination of silicone and steroids; and/or c.) Photoshop. Anyone else have any theories?)

  5. My little weasel is really liking that fine booty....

    All around my mulberry bush.


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