Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today is sort of unnecessarily in beautiful in San Francisco, sunny, bright and cool without being chilly.  The yoozh.  I do not care.  I am sick.   A weird, deep ache that is everywhere in my body and no place in particular has taken over, bringing with it wracking shivers and a throat that feels like I have taken to gargling hot ground glass.

I have things to do, notably, changing Saki's cat box and the laundry.  They are not getting done.

Houseboy: decorative, but useless.
It is at these rare times that I most miss R Man.  Not that he was any great shakes at nursing, but at least I could be fairly confident if I died he would keep the cat from eating my decomposing corpse.

On that cheerful note, I take to my bed.  Again.


  1. Perhaps it was something that you ate at the Four Seasons hotel?

    Hope you feel better and if you already are feeling better then I'll send my patented "Hope You Got Well Card."

    At any rate I have many feral cats hanging around that I can ship over to help Saki finish the job.

  2. Hope you feel better.

    And nothing says love more than keeping "the cat from eating my decomposing corpse".

  3. Oh, darling. Take a pill and down it with some liquor. You'll either feel sicker, or feel better quicker.

  4. well, i feel better just thinking about laundry.
    he looks as if he might not know where the knob is, but i do.

    1. Dearie, he's looking at a dryer thinking "What is this thing?"

    2. I thought he was wondering how long it would take before the cake was done. . .

  5. Nothing worse than a Poorly Peenee. Feel better soon.
    Next time you have cocktails darling, try not to down the whole thing... glass and all!

  6. Be thankful you don't have Norma's dry socket.

  7. Mr. P, this sounds like one of those nasty flu-like viruses (virii?). By now you know the drill: Plenty of non-alcoholic fluids (whatever you use to dilute your favorite high-proof, low-price swill). Get plenty of rest. Take your favorite over-the-counter headache tablets to keep fever down and reduce pain. Put plenty of food out for Saki to help prevent any tendencies to chew on your remains. Ask the CDC to check in on you in a week or three.

    Most importantly: Feel better soonest.

  8. I am sorry to find you under the weather.
    I was just thinking how glad it makes me to see R MAN in your header photo.
    White light to you from Portland.

  9. I hope the warm weather remains for the next 9 weeks or so, and that the vapours lift!

  10. Oh honey! I hope you're feeling better by now! And I hope Fred, if not one of the houseboys, has cleaned the cat box.


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